House History and Property Records

House History / Property Records


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Chicago/Cook County, IL Property Deed or Chain of Ownership

$35 to pull records

I will go to the Cook County Building/City Hall and find the Tract Book page for a parcel of land/property that you are seeking. It will contain the history of this parcel of land which will include the names of all of the buyers and sellers of the property from 1871-1985 and the dates that it changed ownership. From this, I can get the appropriate document numbers and retrieve the Property Deed when your ancestor purchased the property or any other documents relating to this property.

Other interesting information can be found in these Tract Book pages such as date of death of the owner, whether the owner had a Probate, lawsuits involving the property and legal agreements made between neighbors sometimes relating to segregation.

Ordering instructions

Please include the PIN# and/or legal description (if known). If you do not have the PIN# and/or legal description, please include the address of the property, the name of the property owner and the year your ancestor lived there (approximate is fine). If you are unsure of the approximate year, it is important that I know if the address you have is pre-1909 or after 1909 as that is when the addresses in Chicago changed.

Hourly Research – $35 an hour

If you are interested in hourly research, please submit this request and let me know what you are seeking. Include all known information on your ancestor(s).

I will review all of your information and come up with a research plan to go further. At that point we can come to an agreement on price and a limit for hours for research to be done.