Cook County, IL Divorces

Cook County, Illinois (Chicagoland) Divorce Records Research  (1871-1963):

I’ve been finding divorce vital records in the Cook County, Illinois (Chicagoland) area for over 8 years. I have a lot of experience at the court house and know the ins and outs of using their resources to tackle divorces look-ups. I will make two visits to the courthouse to search for divorce records between 1871 – 1963 and will keep you informed on timing or if I need additional information.  Depending on my orders, I usually make 2 trips to the courthouse a week. Timing will vary, but overall turn around time to gather the documents is 3 weeks(depends on holidays).

**If you are in need of your Divorce Decree to receive Social Security Benefits, I can get your certified divorce decree for you in a week.

If interested in finding divorce records, please call me at 847-372-5814 or fill out the order form. I’m always available to answer any questions you have, before placing an order, so don’t hestitate to contact me.   The complete process is below along with my fee for this service.

Requires a 2-Step Process:

1.  $10.00 retainer fee payable via paypal or check to get started.

I will complete an Index Search for Divorces (I will search a 10 year span). If a divorce is found, the file will be ordered from an off-site archival warehouse. It will take a week or two to arrive and then Step 2 (see below) will take place:

2. $50.00 fee for retreival and certified mailing (Additional fees may apply if the divorce record is more than20 pages), but most cases are 20 pages or less.  I can also digitally color scan it for you.

Case files may contain date and place of marriage, children’s names and ages, plaintiff’s complaint including testimony, reason for divorce, defendant’s response, testimony from witnesses, judges final decree and terms of the settlement. Most cases take less than a hour to scan. I typically can scan 30 to 40 pages an hours depending, on frail the pages are.

Cook County, Illinois (Chicagoland) Divorce Records Research  (1964-present):

1. $10.00 retainer fee payable via paypal or check to get started.

2.$50.00 fee for retreival and certified mailing. Additional fees may apply if the divorce record is more than 20 pages, but most cases are 20 pages or less. 

This is an inexpesnive way to find what you are looking for, so please get started now by calling 847-372-5814, e-mailing me at or by clicking on the following link and filling out the order form.